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Well I am not a huge fan of facebook and I don't use it very often but I have to admit its effectiveness to share. So I decided few days ago to open my own Facebook page for art.

Here is the link :…

Please if you follow me on DA, support also my work on FB, share it or just take a look at it :)

Thank you for reading !!

This year went like a lightning ... I remember the exact same moment sitting here, writing my Entry for the new year ... full of determination and motivations. As I am thinking about what I have or not achieved this year I just realized that I haven't been through a lot, it wasn't that hard to remember all the days because I spent most of them wondering what to do with my life now ... is this really who I want to be ? is this really the life I was aspiring to ? 

Just like we say : "be careful of what you are wishing for", I have worked so hard to get where I am today, but for what ? to prove to myself that I was strong enough to overcome all the difficulties ? strong enough to be standing even after a thousand breakdown ? sometimes I find myself struggling with some situations and trying so hard to get myself out of them that at the end, I don't even remember why am I doing all this .... all that is left are scars that make my dailylife tasteless ... and my soul empty. 

I just realized that in this life, I haven't known something else but setting goals and working hard to reach them ... I always seek for heigher and heigher ... is it bad ? I don't know yet .... 

I am not asking for anything in particular, but I don't know how to deal with this feeling of emptiness ... I set some resolutions last year and I kept absolutely all of them. What went wrong this time ?? how do I get to face better the new year ? I remember absolutely all the monthes, days and hours ... everything is so ... colorless. 

The good things that happend this year
  1. I started to play the violin which was an old hidden dream, I am enjoying every second of my learning process, just holding it makes me feel alive, warm and happy. I know I have to work hard but it's worth it, I am never giving up. 
  2. I decided to do something extremely risky in my studies ... which is to start my own project and conduct it myself (I still don't believe I did it), I don't know where this is going to lead me, but I had no choice, this was the only way to sart doing what I love. Though, I still don't know if it is a good or a bad thing that happend this year.  
The other things :

Well, that's what is frightening not much happend ... which makes me realize how my life is ... a bunch of goals, if we take away from me my "dreams" and aims my life would be as empty as the space between a nuclei and an electron ... a huge vacuum ... 

I think I am obssessed with success, not succeeding in life but succeeding in overcoming the difficult problems in life, I just don't know how to let things go and how to get over the past ... now that I am right in front my life, something is holding me back, some sort of a vicious fear of the future, of the unknown.

FOR 2014 : 

For god's sake I need to get a life ! a real one, when I wake up in the morning I want to look at the sky and appreciate how refreshing it can be, without thinking about being good enough or not to succeed in my studying project ... I want to walk and smile for nothing ... I want to hug people in the street and tell them everything is gonna be okay, I want to share my vision of life with others ... I want to make new friends not colleagues just new friends, I want to see how the world is outside, I want to make my life worth living .... not a success. I have been living for years in this mess, it is time for some positive change

One wish for 2014 : make my dailylife as rich as possible by being the actor of my own life not the viewer. 

I don't think anybody is making it to the end but :

HAPPY NEW YEAR 2014 !  :hug:

  • Listening to: Christina Perri - A Thousand Years
Well, for once I am proud of one thing, I kept absolutely all my resolutions for this year, the most important one : if something is wrong and you feel like it's bothering you or your way of living and is holding you back, CHANGE IT ! DON'T WAIT !

And if I want to achieve something, or reach something, NONE has the right to stop me, by any possibly existing mean. No matter  what they think is good for me, as long as I keep doing what I do for love and passion, no one is ALLOWED to say a single word !.

I am getting my dreams back ! NOW !
  • Listening to: Paramore - Now
  • Watching: The red Violin


elephteria1990's Profile Picture
Well, my name is Meriem.B, i'm a Physics student and i'm preparing my Phd degree ; I don't know what I can say about myself .... I don't draw a lot and it's not just a matter of time, I seem to have a problem with getting ideas out of my mind. My dream is to be able to speak through my drawings, to be able to express what I really think and really feel about what I see and live....I have never succeded in doing this, and my drawings (basically all of theme) make me throw up, they are just ... not me, not what's around me. I don't want to express beauty or wonderful original characters, I just for once want to make drawing a way to express my feelings, sick of the huge emotion I'm holding for years. truth (mine) and honesty are the only feelings I wanna express. For now, I am just practicing and trying to improve my basics in drawing ... I keep hundreds of drawings that really reflect me hidden somewhere.

My biggest sources of inspiration are Serj Tankian's songs but I've never posted any drawings related to that kind of inspiration ... maybe one day I will, and sometimes the entire world inspires me, every little detail every little good, bad or confusing feeling.

There is for sure more to say .... but it's an art related ID.

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Thank you for everything!
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Your work is impecable very clean lines and creative , love it.
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